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    Ioncube alternative


    i wanted to encode my php codings (i m working on a community script).

    is there any alternative to Ioncube for compiling ur php codes?

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    Zend_Guard will encode php aswell.

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    And if you want a free solution, there is bcompiler, eaccelerator/mmcache and some others. Be aware that the feature set and usability of different solutions varies widely though, and the deployability and robustness of scripts in terms of whether they are immune to corruption from CR/LF conversion during installation also depends on the choice of solution. Be sure to try the evaluations from different providers and ask questions about the products so that you pick a solution that best fits your needs.
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    Zend Guard ( - $995 per year or $595 for small businesses per year
    Source Guardian ( - $250

    There are also several other products in the $40-99 range, but, bluntly, they are mainly crap (insecure, buggy etc...). Personally, I would stick with either ionCube or Zend. As for SourceGuardian, it's most certainly the 3rd choice

    Is there a reason you don't want to use ionCube?
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