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    [For Hire] I need a full-time or part-time job.

    I am available for full-time or part-time employment that I can perform from a remote location, (work from home). I'm probably best qualified for a pre-sales or support position. I'm not interested in commision based employment.

    If you're looking for a honest, reliable, and fast learning employee- please contact me and I can provide references and a copy of my resume.

    or send me a PM for contact info.

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    Which time zone/country are you in?
    Russ Foster - Industry Curmudgeon

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    I am located in Brazil, and speak fluent English and Portuguese (if you have latin customers this is helpfull)

    My timezone is GMT -0300

    I am flexible and can make myself available for any shift.

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    also I am a Brazilian AND US Citizen and can legally be employed in either country.

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