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    what is the best Dedicate Server

    what is the best Dedicate Server

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    There are several factors of which the most important things are looking for a good NOC and a good admin company. What kind of server you need depends on your purpose.

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    As a wise man once said, there is no best dedicated server, only the best dedicated server for you
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    ...and it could be best for you but not for me :-)

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    That meets all your requirements.

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    Thanks >>

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    When you search for a dedicated server the most common concerns are

    1. NOC (datacenter)

    2. Managing the server
    3. Server configuration

    1. NOC (Datacenter)
    As far as an NOC is concerned you have to give the highest priority on its performance. You might need to pay more for a reputed NOC. The most common factors that you have to take into consideration are

    • Security of Data and equipment

    This should be given high priority since even a small compromise will destroy your business.
    • Bandwidth Availability

    Even though some companies offer unlimited bandwidth the fact is that no such thing exits in the field of Internet. Even ICANN has bandwidth limit. Every network has its on bandwidth limit. Note that reputed companies wont offer unlimited bandwidth.
    • The knowledge and integrity of the NOC

    This is something very difficult to find out. But ratings can help us to a limit
    • Uptime

    Some NOC's claims that their uptime is 100%. But this is conditional. Even the best NOC might face downtime.
    • Hardware maintenance

    IF you are choosing a good NOC then you dont have to worry about this.

    'Cost' should be given the last priority. Becoming just cost conscious means you have to compromise on other factors.

    2. Managing the server
    This should be called the most important. Several NOC's offer managed servers. But this is conditional. Most NOC's will offer limited service on managing a server. You will know the status with regard to this only on asking quaries to the service provider. It is always recommended to go for a good server administration company for managing your server.

    3. Server configuration
    Server hardware is an important factor in the delivery of reliable and efficient service. This is often why business organizations choose industry-recognised brands, such as, Intel, Sun, Cobalt RaQ, Digital and Apple.

    I. Storage
    choosing the right size will very much depend on your purpose and applications. However, no matter the size, the speed (access and seek times) of the hard disk will need to be relatively fast to store and retrieve data. Drive Electronics) is found in most personal computers, as they are relatively inexpensive. EIDE transfer data between the hard disk and main memory using a shared channel eg 2 hard disk drive on the same EIDE cable would use the same channel, and so as more EIDE disk drives added to the system, it will soon degrade the performance. SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) on the other hand, use dedciated channels for each hard drive or SCSI device but are higher priced than its EIDE counterparts. This is why SCSI systems are often chosen for mission-critical applications. For a web server, SCSI would be a criterion to look for.
    If the dedicated server will be used for mission-critical applications then a RAID set up would serve its purpose. Basically RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) allows the storage of data to be stored on across multiple hard disk. If one hard disk fails, then the other mirror hard disk will take its place - stopping unnecessary down time or data loss.

    II. The Motherboard
    The motherboard is often an overlooked feature as few web host providers worry about it. However, the motherboard forms the foundation of the server and is critical to select a high performance and reliable motherboard brand. If the motherboard (sometimes referred to as the system board) is not up to the level of quality as other system components, it will become a bottleneck and reduce the performance of the whole system.

    III. RAM
    The web server's main memory (RAM) is used to temporarily store applications and web data in the cache to serve out all requests made by users. The more RAM, the more web data it can hold in memory at any one time. The benefit of this is it minimises the fetching of data from the hard disk where all the files are permanently stored.

    IV. IP
    With named-based virtual hosting implemented in most web servers eg Apache, having two IP addresses is often enough to handle as many web sites your hardware can cope with. One IP for the name server (DNS) and the other IP for your domains. The name server is similar to having the authority to delegate Internet Domains. However, if you intend to introduce SSL (Secure Socket Layer), a protocol for secure communication, for a domain then it is required to have its own dedicated IP address.

    V. OS
    The most common operating systems used for web servers are Apple Mac, Unix, Linux and Microsoft Windows platforms. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. The selection of operating systems really depends on what type of tools or applications you intend to utilise in conjunction with your dedicated server. Microsoft's share in servers are very low. Servers belongs to the Unix family (eg.Linux) dominates the world of servers.

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