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    Documents and online billing

    Hello out there!
    I'm a new member of WHT and, first of all, exscuse me for my not perfect english.

    I'm looking for a billing software (like MB, CE, WHMCS...) but with the ability to upload my own pdf invoices instead of automoted ones genterated by the software. Normally I generate my own invoices OFFLINE, with my own software.
    I also would like to be able to upload some documents and assign them to customers (i.e. document "123.pdf" to customer A and document "abc.pdf" to customer B), but this, I think can be resolved using ticket system (integrated into the billing software) by attaching files to the tickets..or?

    Any idea?

    Thank you


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    I don't think what you can find a software like you wish. But if you use CE when you maybe do it by modifying the pdf invoice page of it.
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    You can use Exponent Free to do this. (I made it, but it's actually answering the question and no one else has an answer, so please don't tell me that this is inappropriate because it's advertising.)

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    thank you at both for your reply!

    You can use Exponent Free to do this
    Ok, I will have a look and let you know.


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