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    Looking for someone to do a car accessories website

    Looking for someone to do a car accessories website

    dealing with spoilers, stabilising bars and carbon fiber products

    - need to be ecommerce ready, catalog base and able to check out (paypal n moneybookers)
    - each products may require to have more than 1 pictures
    - prefer someone who does a similar web before
    - every rear spoiler is able to be inputted the color code by customer to be painted before checking out as an extra information but also an option not to be painted

    the objective of the website is also for branding image (promote a new brand) as well as shopping cart (e-commerce), so please have an idea in mind for me and tell me how much it cost before coming to me.

    the ease of adding product, description, price from backend is also necessary.

    Simple yet classy is important


    I can be contact at AOL messenger : critical8888

    thank you!

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    im up for the job, aim me: volonetmatt

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    added you to MSN...

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    I'd be interested and would want to use CubeCart, which appears to fill all your requirements.

    I probably wouldn't want it to look a lot like the site you referred to, which was a bit overcrowded.

    I don't have MSN but you are more than welcome to PM me if you are interested.

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