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    * Scam - Central Registration Service

    Last week, I have received a number of phone calls and emails from clients of mine who have received an hard copy invoice from a company called Central Registration Service. The invoice amount is $966US, contains the URL along with the billing address and usually under additional facts contains the phone number.

    In bold is the following statement - We have to receive a payment within 21 days, otherwise your domain registration will be deleted.

    The item listed on the invoice is for “standard registration via hosting service for” and then displays the URL in a box along. As mentioned, the invoice amount is $966US with a 5% cash discount of $917.30US.

    They are asking you to sign and fax to 1-212-627-8877 (a number located in the New York City). The address they list on their invoice is 1133 Broadway, Suite 706, New York, NY 10010. They take credit card via their website ( - which does not work) and their banking account information is through Loyal Bank Limited - Acc. no: 104003940306 Swift: LOYAVCVX.

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    It's a scam. is using Namecheap's whois privacy guard.
    Show Namecheap a copy of the 'invoice' and I bet Namecheap will shut down the domain or unhide their registrant information.

    It is also mail fraud. Contact the post office.
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    1,039 - NC or Enom could have shut this site down already. Maybe somebody had given them a heads up.
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    NameCheap has no affiliation with this scam. They are the registration agent only and their services to said 'company' does not extent beyond that point. Hope everyone here understands that.
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    Perhaps hosting a phishing/scam site violates webhost's TOS?
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