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    Very Cheap One Time Deal Must Read

    Hello there We just had an order for

    - AMD Athlon XP 2000+
    - 512MB DDRam
    - 120GB HDD
    - 1200GB Traffic
    - 100Mbit Connection
    - Full Duplex- 10 Free IP Addresses
    - 24/7 Live Support
    - WHM/cPanel
    - CentOS Operating System
    - No setup Cost

    But this was a fraud order by time everything had been cleared up the server had been taken from the warehouse and was active so we thought why not do a special offer for this one server only.

    The normal price for this would be $120 per month with WHM/cPanel
    For this one time only and this will never happen again this server is going for
    $80 for the first month with full WHM/cPanel
    then $90 every month after then. This deal is only open for about 5 days.

    This offer is not on our order forms so you will have to come in our live chat so we can get you setup. This server has not been used and is already setup so setup time would be very fast. Or you can email us [email protected]

    Once again this is the only time you will ever see this type of offer from us so grab it before some one else does.
    Click the live support to the left of the site
    make sure you go into the dedicated department and we can get your account setup from there.

    For normal prices check out
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    Date today is 19/12/06
    Date this offer with end 24/12/06
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    Just an update:
    Here is a direct order link
    enter the promo code "AMD Special" without quotes to get your $10 discount
    You will be invoiced for $80 then the next month and every month after will be $90

    Remember this is a first come first serve on this server so if that link does not work for you then this offer has been taken up already
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    This offer has been taken up. For other cheap servers please check out the site
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