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    We want to buy your web site... :-)

    We're looking to grow our corporate network of web properties.

    But, being a small company, we don't have the time to build and promote several new web sites from scratch. We do have the time to maintain and work with existing sites that have an existing content and traffic base.

    Our main business is Web Hosting (see: therefore we are primarily in the market to purchase web sites related to the Web. Such web sites might include topics like:

    -Generic Webmaster resources
    -HTML, JSP, PHP, Perl, CGI-BIN Programming
    -Internet news
    -Web Site Template or Graphics sites
    -Flash tools

    If you have web sites that you might be interested in selling, please feel free to post them here, or you can contact me privately at:

    [email protected]

    We will pay for web sites purchased with Paypal funds or Paper check. Full payment will be made once ownership of the domain and access to the web site content/data is provided. Deposits will be made to ensure good faith if required by the selling party.

    So know your probably wondering how we determine how much we offer you right?

    Well, to give you the answer, we need more information than just your URL. Specifically, the following information will help us greatly.

    If you cannot or do not want to answer all of these questions, that's fine, but this information will give us what we need to make a fair offer. (Honesty is appreciated in your responses. :-)

    Thanks - Brian

    Site History:
    -When was the site established?
    -Who owns the domain name/web site?
    -Who maintains the domain name/web site?
    -Has anyone else ever owned the domain name/web site?

    Current Traffic Figures:
    -Average Daily, Weekly, Monthly: Page Views
    -Average Daily, Weekly, Monthly: Visitors
    -Inbound Referal Links
    -General Geographic Location of Visitor Population

    Site Content Information:
    -Number of unique pages
    -If you syndicate content:
    +What do you syndicate? '
    +Is content syndicated from you, if so where?
    +If you use content from other sites, what are you using?

    Technical/Geek Information:
    -Page Technologies used: HTML, SHTML, PHP, ASP, JSP, CF, etc.
    -Back End Technologies used: CGI-BIN, Perl, Cron, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc
    -Where is the site hosted?
    -What OS is the site hosted on?

    Legal Information:
    -Is any Commercial Software used on the site? Is it licensed? (For instance, Commercial CGI scripts)
    -Are there any other claims to ownership of the site besides yours? (IE. Do you have a partner who will want a say/piece of the profit in the sale?)
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    Developed websites

    I have the following websites that I will consider offers on. Please PM me if you are interested in making an offer:

    All of these websites are developed but have not been marketed as of yet. Hosting Portal and Uncensored Hosting do receive a decent amount of type in traffic.

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