I am currently running PureFTP and have several virtual users setup.

I am wanting to switch to ProFTP to take advantage of the data transfer limits, or quotas as its known as.

Firstly, I need to know if it is possible to have proftp running with virtual users like pureftp does, or will I need to create them an account?

Secondly, is it possible to have proftp running from a flat file config? Most of the websites I have read require to you use MySQL if using the quota module.

Thirdly, how do I set it up? I have listed below what I have already done but don't know what to do next.

Also, Is it possible to do this using yum, or will I have to do it manually if I want to use the quotas module?

wget ftp://ftp.proftpd.org/distrib/source....3.1rc1.tar.gz
tar -zxvf proftpd-1.3.1rc1.tar.gz
cd proftpd-1.3.1rc1
make install

Thanks for your help