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    Hackers Selling Vista Zero-Day Exploit

    Article Link:,1895,2073611,00.asp


    Underground hackers are hawking zero-day exploits for Microsoft's new Windows Vista operating system at $50,000 a pop, according to computer security researchers at Trend Micro.
    In an interview with eWEEK, Trend Micro's chief technology officer, Raimund Genes, said prices for exploits for unpatched code execution flaws are in the $20,000 to $30,000 range, depending on the popularity of the software and the reliability of the attack code.
    Bots and Trojan downloaders that typically hijack Windows machines for use in spam-spewing botnets were being sold for about $5,000, Genes said.
    Credit card numbers with valid PINs are sold for $500 each, while billing data that includes an account number, physical address, Social Security number, home address and birth date can be found for between $80 and $300.

    The auction marketplace is also selling driver's licenses for $150, birth certificates for $150, Social Security cards for $100, and credit card numbers with security code and expiration date for between $7 and $25.

    PayPal or eBay account credentials are available for $7, Genes said.
    So much for the old crime doesn't pay motto.

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    I hope they get caught and sent to prison for atleast 10 years. I can't wait for Vista. I get it free in the mail because i just bought a new PC.

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    Not surprising, It happens for all OSs.

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    That's what's special about it.

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