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    How many website can I host?


    On a dual core p4 windows system with 1gb of ram, how many medium website can host?

    The server will be running iis, ftp, mail server, mysql, and the Helm control panel.

    The websites I'll be hosting are kind of small to medium load websites.


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    A bunch. Which is more than a few but less than a ton.

    You're asking a bit of a trick question since the the resource demands will be directly related to the content being served. The only reasonably accurate way to arrive at a number is to monitor server performance as you add clients to extrapolate what your maximum might be.
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    You could host 10 heavy Mambos, or 5,000 static sites, it depends on the websites

    Also is this IDE / SATA / or SCSI?
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    None, it's windows. HUR HUR HUR.

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