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Thread: How hard is it?

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    How hard is it?

    We have a B&M store so we already have a credit card solution (just have to get our system upgraded to DSL instead of phone line). I've chosen my web hosting although I haven't gotten it set up yet. How hard is it to configure your site to accept the credit card code? Is it normally where you just plug in the code provided or is it more difficult than that? I'm not really sure what I'm asking so I hope all of that made sense. Any info you can give will be appreciated.

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    You will need an internet merchant account. This will include an electronic payment gateway (Linkpoint, Verisign's Payflow,, etc) as well.

    To configure - you will need some programming experience of course. The gateways do provide a simple method as well - you use the gateway's secure website to do the credit card transaction.

    Contact your provider and find out what they require / need from you for an internet / keyed merchant account.

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    If you are planning on selling your products online, you must have a shopping cart, if you are offering a subscription type then the process can be different.

    As Carey Bryant said for any online transaction is required to have an Internet Merchant Provider and Payment gateway. The integration on your website should be completed by a development firm or a programmer.
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