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    lpanel meltdown ?

    Lpanel seems to be having major problems today, I recieved an urgent bug report this morning, thier forums seem to be down and my installation is not functioning properly.

    Lpanel support desk does not seem to be working at present and didn't get any replies to emails.

    does anybody have any info on this ?

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    They're working on this. Casey and Scott have already replied to my ticket, but my issue is still not resolved.

    Just be patient, I think they have tons of tickets which they need to answer.

    BTW, does anyone else have problems with the password encryption? Lpanel seems to read only unencrypted passwords.
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    yes, Casey emailed me right now. They have been attacked by a group of hackers. Their mother company website is still down. Casey has managed to get the forums back and the lpanel installations work fine now. I saw some unroutable IPs in the SSL certificates, meaning they are trying to avoid floods by changing license servers IPs.

    Soon as the website is back and attacked stopped, we will go after the ones who did this.
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