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    Too many processes for a little server??

    Hi I have a Linux 9.0 dedicated server (Yes, it's old!!) with about 10 sites on there, three sites using MySQL databases while others are just normal html sites. I tried using the "top" command via SSH to see the processes and it's about 80 processes. Just wondering if this is good or bad?? How can I use the top command to see all the processes, it's only showing around 20 processes.

    Here is a capture in the attachment.
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    /bin/ps is your friend: ps -waux
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    Do you currently have anyone managing that system? If you're using Red Hat 9 without any manual patches your open to some major exploits and I would advise an upgrade to CentOS or Red Hat Enterprise right away.
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    That's just the basic management proccesses from what looks like a The Planet server... I wouldn't worry abouy your proccesses at all, as long as your load isn't all that high, just leave them runing... I have 115 proccesses running on my server without any problems...
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    The server appears to have enough memory and isn't using the swap much. The load also looks good. I'd say you are fine on that regard.

    Hmm, there are quite a few processes running that don't need to be if you aren't running x windows on it, like rpc, nfs (unless you are connected to another server via nfs), xfs, etc. I'd hire a security/server management company or read into how to better secure your server.

    Unless you have some reason to be using Redhat 9.0, I'd seriously consider upgrading to Centos or RHEL.

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