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    Server to Server via ftp

    Is there any way to use mput while updating files?

    I'm transferring some files via ftp, because on the remote side, the person doesnt have capability to use scp or ssh

    So I connect to the ftp via
    ftp domain name

    Enter Username and Pass

    I cd into the target direct of the remote host
    Start transferring via
    mput * / /

    However after 8gig it crashed, and there is 5gig left. Now I would transfer the whole thing as 1 file, but the shared hosting account doesnt have permissions to unzip.

    so thats why im using mput/
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    Do you have the option of using rsync? At least this way you could resume if there were any issues.

    If not, there is also a program called ftpcopy which would allow you to copy the files via ftp however it has the ability to resume and read timestamps so if there are any issues during the transfer you can run the command again and it will pick up where it left off.

    Hope this helps.

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    I tried ftpcopy but the client refuses entry, I dont have options to use rsync or sc as this is a shared hosting account with limited privileges
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    Since you can't ssh, you are unlikely to have rsync. One alternative is to use a FXP capable FTP client (example FlashFXP) and do a server to server transfer. Note that this is dependent on the ftp servers supporting it. But it's worth a try and it can take over the role of comparing files and transferring only incomplete or nonexistent files.
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    The remote server doesnt support fxp transfers
    It just hangs

    On local server I added directive to allowforeign, but no luck
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    I actually found a really good solution and it works. Should work on most hosts.

    Install ncftp, easiest way is
    #yum install ncftp ( Depending on your Package manager)

    i.e up2date install ncftp, swaret --install ncftp

    Enter the Local Directory
    #cd /home/username/public_html/files

    #open -u username -p password

    This should open up the ftp connection
    Once your in

    #cd /into/requred/path

    #mput * / /

    If files already exist it will skip them.

    Lots of other options such as batches, etc, etc.
    I saw something on here about it ncftp but couldnt work out how to connect.
    But all good now
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