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    Email Forwarding/ DNS Question


    I have recently changed the name servers away from my domain registrar (123-reg) to my webhost, and then pointed the MX-records back to them in order to still use their free email forwarding (which goes to an external email account). This worked for about a week, but then 123-reg apparently disabled the forwarding without warning (I noticed this only weeks later and lost emails through this).

    Does anybody know a domain registrar (with reasonably cheap prices) where I would be able to have forwarding without having their name servers in the DNS? (I contacted already Namecheap (they are in the US but doing UK domains as well) and they let me know that this wouldn't work with them either). Fxdomains (Godaddy) told me it would work with them, but unfortunately they apparently don't accept transfers for UK domains.

    Alternatively, could I do this with Zone Edit?


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    Why not just forward through your webhosts servers?
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    All free forwarding usually cease to work after the registrar 'realises' you are not using their nameservers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stan Marsh
    All free forwarding usually cease to work after the registrar 'realises' you are not using their nameservers.
    And no registrar has any reason to let you use any of their complementary service
    if it's not using their DNS.

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    Yes, why not using your webhosting provider's Email forwarding? Just to use email forwarding you want to transfer your domain name to other registrar? Isn't it something wrong!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by spaethco
    Why not just forward through your webhosts servers?
    I have just changed my hosting to and they don't provide any email hosting. They offer an email forwarding service but would charge me more for it than my actual webhosting costs (not that this would be a large amount, but still I wouldn't feel good about paying twice as much for a few emails a day than for my webhosting).

    Also, my domain registrar has several separate mail servers i.e. there would be a backup, whereas webhosts usually don't.

    Another point is that with some of my domains I have set up to about 50 email forwarders, and it really would be a bit of a pain to have to set them all up again each time one changes webhost. Since one usually doesn't change the domain registrar as often as the webhost, it would be more convenient here if I could manage the email forwarding through my registrar.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Stan Marsh
    All free forwarding usually cease to work after the registrar 'realises' you are not using their nameservers.
    Yes, this seems to be so with most registrars (also with ZoneEdit by the way), but the question is why. What difference does it make for them whether I have the name servers with them and point the A-records to my webhost, or whether I have the nameservers with my webhost and point the MX-records to them from there? They do the forwarding in the former case, and they should do it in the latter as well. If they distinguish between the two cases then they should mention this in their conditions, and in any case not simply disable my forwarding without notification if I change my DNS configuration in this sense (as 123-reg did).

    However, after contacting about half a dozen registrars about this, it seems that at I would be able to use their email forwarding without having the nameservers with them. I could do this also at Godaddy (or any of their associates or resellers like fxdomains), but unfortunately they don't accept transfers of UK domains (I could still use them for my .net domain though).

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