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    Replacement For Typing

    Has anyone heard of the latest program, nuance . com / naturallyspeaking?
    My sister recently told me she used Dragon Naturally Speaking at home to run her business. She said it took her less than a day to train her voice to recognize any "exe" commands for the PC computer. Her favorite part about Dragon was she dictated what usually would be typed out in a spoken manner in a Word Document.
    Anyone here use it before?

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    spammy? why he he/she need our opinion when her sister already uses it and gave her opinion to him/her?

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    Never heard of obtaining a second opinion? With having been around since the mid 90's and the product being rather well known, it's not overly likely this is a spam...although "latest program"? Maybe he meant latest version?

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    It's not new, it's quite a few years old. I've used it, and didn't care for it. It's klunky at first, until you get it used to your voice. Half the time I can type faster than I can talk anyway.

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