A couple sites for sale:

NewYorkPages.info www.NewYorkPages.info - offers over $50, BIN $100

Huge niche directory of the state of New York and the majority of its cities! Great for google optimization/potential. has approx 400 cities, pages are cached - nice directory with weather and more!

*note- if you are interested in other states, we an accommodate, please PM your interest, thanks!

Text-Central.com www.Text-Central.com - offers over $75, BIN $150

Great text messaging site, with AUTO-DETECT feature! Enabling you to send text messages to anyone without having

to know what carrier they use! also, has a function that enables people to add text messaging to their MySpace accounts! great new design!

DowntimeReport.net www.DowntimeReport.net - offers over $65, BIN $120

sharp site, free site monitoring, people can sign up for free account, and have their sites monitored for uptime - anytime their site(s) go down, they receive email notification...

JokesAndLaughs.net www.JokesAndLaughs.net - offers over $75, BIN $125

Jokes site with approximately 800 jokes already installed and come with the site! Easy to use

administration panel to manage jokes, categories, members, etc..

RecipeHQ.net www.RecipeHQ.net - offers over $100, BIN $150

NICE Design...Comes with 1100 recipes, 400 of which are Secret Recipes! ...has a

easy-to-use admin panel for adding, deleting, approving recipes, as well as managing ads,

etc...clean site...

alt design, same pricing: www.Manicotti.info

BetterImageHost.com www.BetterImageHost.com - offers over $75, BIN $125

Image Hosting site, great new design!


Buying-Vitamins.info www.Buying-Vitamins.info - offers over $80, BIN $125

Vitamin affiliate site...earn 10% on all sales! NEW design and added features such as rss feed

with industry news/articles, and a live news feed with more articles...These sites regularly do

very well...all you need do is market the site and watch the sales come in...

SEO-Advice.info www.SEO-Advice.info - BIN $30 !

ClearYourCredit.info www.ClearYourCredit.info - BIN $35 !

LegalFormHelp.net www.LegalFormHelp.net - BIN $50 !



EmoticonMe.com - $250
InternetChatRoom.net $250
ASLforums.com - $250 (age,sex,location forums)

domains are reg'd at enom or registerfly ... most are new sites, so assume little or no traffic/rev ... hosting avail if needed, please PM, email or post questions ... please post SOLD to claim for BIN (buy it now) ... thanks in advance..