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    How much bandwidth do I need?

    How do I determine how much bandwidth I need? i plan to have a three short videos in low resolution. each about a minute long.

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    Look at their file sizes then calculate against how many times you want to be able to serve each file. For reference (you probably already know this..) 1024KB = 1 Megabyte, 1024MB = 1GB and so forth.

    If it's only 3 short videos that aren't too large file wise you should be able to host it on shared of course, unless you're needing to be able to serve them quite a many times per month.
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    If they're short and low-res, thought about Google Video or YouTube?
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    It depends how many hits/downloads the videos get. If they are downloaded often then they will use a lot of bandwidth.

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    Do you expect the site to generate alot of traffic? There ofcourse are other factors that will determine this. If you do not wish to go the YouTube way as BurtonHost has suggested then I don't think you would need too much bandwidth on a shared host. Remember if you find out you do, many cases the host will allow you to upgrade for free.
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    An example of how many times a page would have to be viewed in a month to reach 1 GB of bandwidth... page size 20 kb = 50,000 views
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    It depends on how many hits.

    I suggest you start in a shared or reseller plan and once you have a decent amount of users, move it to a dedicated server.

    You wouldn't want to waste your money straight away if you are not getting the amount of hits you expect.

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    3 Short videos won't require you to go for a dedicated or a VPS, get a shared package

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    if you are too much worried about the bandwidth then first go for a shared server and monitor the traffic. if it is very high then go for a dedicated server

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