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    Automatic Document to PDF creator

    Apologies if this is in the wrong cat.

    I want to set up an automated system where a document is emailed to an email address, and the server converts the document into a PDF and emails it back!

    Is this out already?
    Any ideas?

    Cheers in advance!
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    Let's say you are using PHP script.

    1. Write some functions that will check for the email account using IMAP or POP or whatever using the email login info.
    2. Read the body using PHP script.
    3. Use some PDF class for PHP and write to produce PDF.
    4. Email the PDF as attachment back.
    5. Finally, once everything is working, setup a cron job to execute the PHP script on your server side.

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    Converts the wrong way! I need it to convert TO PDF
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    If you're any good with Perl check out the PDF manipulation libs:

    Since you're in perl already, you'd then just glue it with some Net&#58;&#58;POP3 and some Net&#58;&#58;SMTP.

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    If you're using ASP.NET, there are already some very good PDF manipulation components which you can use.
    Beside of that you need to make windows app./service which will listen events on POP3 server, which is not so hard to do.

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