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    Do you charge your client extra %?

    PayPal take charges off you, so you actually get less from what you listed in your webpage, so do you request customer to pay extra certain amount of percentage for PayPal payment? Or just leave it?

    **PayPal is just an example... because when you do shop in some places, they tend to charge you 2-3% on VISA and MASTER or even 4-5% on American Express

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    To charge an extra fee to use Paypal and credit cards is typically against the terms for those services and could cost you your account. Better read the agreement before proceeeding, no?
    For the record, we never have and never will.

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    You figure that into your pricing as the cost of doing business. You don't make it blaringly obvious to the customer that you're making them cover those fees. So, for example, a $10 a month hosting package takes into consideration that $1 of that is going to go to the payment processor.

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    It really depends on how you do it and who your provider is and what industry you are in. For the most, your merchant account agreement, it will state that you cannot charge any additional fees to the consumer if they pay using a credit card instead of cash.

    However, debit cards and credit cards have different rules and regulations. Interlink Debit grandfathered in organizations about ten years ago that were using their system to accept payment. Interlink allows these merchants to charge a surcharge specifically when a consumer pays and it goes through the Interlink debit system.

    Credit card companies also allow the merchant to surcharge the consumer if and only if
    • Charged for a bona fide convenience outside of the merchants customary payment channel
    • Disclosed to the cardholder as a charge for alternative payment channel
    • Added only to non face to face (if merchant is face to face merchant)
    • A flat or fixed amount
    • Applicable to all forms of payment
    • Disclosed prior to completing transactions
    • Included in total amount of transaction
    This is usually only for swiped accounts as well.

    Meeting the above requirements, remember will be in the credit card associations (Visa, MasterCard, etc) and your merchant account provider. Before doing any type of surcharging, contact your merchant account provider and / or the associations for specifics.

    I do not recommend this be done because if it does not follow the guidelines as set forth between your merchant account provider, the card associations, and yourself, you might find yourself without a merchant account and on theMATCH list.

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    Thanks everybody

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