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    UK2 Server Setup Times

    What is the usual setup times for UK dedicated servers?

    We ordered a server on monday last week, verified our details and had an email saying our server had been allocated and would be online within 24 hours, however this never happened.

    I've tried emailing support@, billing@, and ditlev@ but not received a response. (apart from one from billing, on wednesday last week).

    I realise uk2 have had a lot of demand for their 99p servers, and I i had paid 99p I would expect problems, but i've paid full price and expect at least a reason and ETA for the server setup - neither of which i've had from UK2 so far.

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    Have you checked your spam filters to see if things have been filed away in the wrong place?
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    Yes i've checked my junk mail - nothing there

    However, i've just received this email:

    "Thanks for your enquiry,
    Unfortunately due to a supplier problem there is currently a delay provisioning your server and we are not being able to meet our normal 24 hour provisioning time at the moment. Please accept our sincere apologies for this and know that we're working very hard to get your server up and running and online as soon as we can.
    This delay should be resolved soon and you will still receive the normal confirmation e-mails once your server is being set-up so please bear with us and look forward to a great future with UK2."

    Which is the same email a received last wednesday, just before receiving the automated 'order complete' email, stating that:

    "We have allocated you a server, and we are in the process of setting it up. You should receive a further email from us within 24 hours, assuming all goes well and nothing is holding up the order."
    How can they have possibly allocated a server to me, and be setting it up - when they are having an issue with the supplier?

    It would seem that either they are having an issue with the supplier, and there is no hardware allocated to my order - but they completed the order so that they could charge my card, or that the hardware is in place, and they havent got round to setting it up - and are using the supplier problems excuse to fob me off.

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    You won't be billed untill it's up, so I wouldn't worry about it! when your server IS up, if the date in your control panel is wrong, then raise a support ticket, and they'll adjust the lease date!
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    I'm not sure if it was a conincidence, or due to the post on here, but I got some replies this afternoon and the server is now up and running

    I've emailed support so they can adjust the billing date. Thanks for the help.

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    I have been away on business for a few days, I have forwarded mails like yours to the team in UK, but haven't managed to reply to all of them personally as I would usually do.

    I am glad your server is setup - feel free to contact me again and let me know if there is anything else I can do


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    Just a quick update, the server has been up for a week or so now and has been perfect so far, my billing date has also been adjusted to the day the server went live.

    The support from supremesupport (fully managed package) has been excellent and they are very quick to respond, even to 'low' priority requests.

    Thanks ditlev and the staff at uk2... if you could sort the initial setup times and communication from your live chat agents the service would be perfect

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    UK2 are quite non-responsive.

    A friend of mine applied for a job, got a response asking for his salary expectations - and then heard nothing again.
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