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    suggest me what resources I need

    i have 50+ domains to host and 25+ are with mySQL database ... suggest me how much resources i need to manage all domain.. all domain have about 60+ gb traffice per month

    i need Cpanel/WHM/Fantastico/Virtuozzo

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    The 25+ domains utilizing MySQL are going to use the majority of RAM on your VPS. It will depend on the amount of usage/traffic there is on those sites. If you have very light usage/traffic then you may get away with something smaller, however, assuming moderate usage, I would recommend a package similar to the following:

    384 (min) 512MB+ (preferred)
    10-20GB Disk
    200-300GB Monthly Transfer

    You'll probably be looking at plans in the neighborhood of 30-50 dollars depending upon if you decide to find a host with managed vps plans or unmanaged plans. There are also a lot of hosts who offer frequent deals and coupons so you are likely to get it cheaper if you find one of those "deals".

    Good luck.

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    I cant tell exactly how much you need but i can tell you my story, i have 5 sites on the same server , 3 of them are html files and receive few visits.

    About the ohter 2 , 1 is a smf with mysql that also recives few visits. An only one is busy lets say 100+ users browsing at the same time, is a forum with mysql, pretty resource hungry.

    I was in a 192mb minimum ram and i upgraded to 320 as i was using more ram than 192 , 300 approx.

    I use Plesk also.

    So what i can tell you is that if u have even more busy sites u need more than me i guess. About the bandwith and disk space i think thats easy to tell just do the math

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    suggest the best VPS provider with my requirement and good uptime/price

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