December 18, 2006 -- Comdev is slated to release its web-based desktop application oDesktop in Dec 2006, following its runaway success at HostingCon 2006 (July 2006) and ISPCon 2006 (Nov 2006).

oDesktop mimics the behavior of windows-like applications in the web browser, running multiple applications at a time. It is designed with comprehensive and user friendly features.

This personal desktop has unlimited benefits to web users as they only need to connect to the Internet and access to their data and files through oDesktop in the web browser, from anywhere in the world.

oDesktop currently comes bundled with 7 applications, viz.: oDrive, oPhoto, oMusic, oNetwork, oEmail, oNews and oGames. Users can easily store files, share images, data, files, music amongst others and to form online communities and social networking within an organization.

The idea of providing software as a service is the solution for web hosting companies and ISPs to provide a value added service to Internet users besides selling server space to them. This also forms the basis of a collaborative venture amongst the technology partners such as SaaS vendors and ISPs, creating strategic alliances to ensure long term success of the business and enhancing rapid growth.

Comdev Software is a leading software company in the IT industry, based in Penang, Malaysia with MSC status. Comdev's focus is on web component development, developing multitudes of PHP Modules for web designers, Site Builder, and One Admin Pro, the Modules Builder. oDesktop is the latest development from the company and has received resounding response from the public.

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