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    Christmas Sale! Shared and Reseller! Free iPod Nano!! Check it out ;)


    Just in time for Christmas SiKo-Hosting have launched some special deals...with some extra's to. Infact all of this is so crazy, I cannot believe I am posting this! Details of the iPod will be written below.

    Below are 3 of the deals:

    Shared Minimum:
    10gb Space
    100gb Bandwidth
    Everything else unlimited
    E-Mail: [email protected] or add that as an msn to order!

    Shared Plus:
    30gb Space
    300gb Bandwidth
    Everything else the same
    Same contact information as above

    30gb Space
    300gb Bandwidth
    Everything else the same
    Same contact information as above

    The iPod. The free Brand New 4GB iPod...what's that about?
    Well, every client that signs up between now and the 21st of December will get the chance to win an iPod. Now your all probably saying with the odd's of 1 in 10,000. Wrong. For every 39th client signing up we will add another 4gb iPod Nano. You get to choose the colour. So good chance huh? Minimum stay of 1 month is required, to prevent cheaters signing up and recieving refund.
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    What control panel do you provide?

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    We run cpanel on our servers.

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    Do you provide support for your reseller's clients?
    How many have already signed in?

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    We don't provide support for reseller clients, but we do advanced for them. e.g. Your client cannot get a script running = you contact us and we tell you that PHP needs to be recompiled to get it running. That would be accepted, but if lets say things like they ask where to upload the site, you would need to do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billardent
    How many have already signed in?
    Currently no people have as this offer is WHM/MSN only.

    Egor Tarabasov
    Only the last 2 days it will be on our site. So this is a early offer be the first to grab it, as once the server is full. It's full

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