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    Need reliable reseller hosting accept e-gold

    Hello all,

    I m looking for a reliable reseller hosting that accept e-gold as their payment methode. Any idea about this..? Thanks all.

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    Though I'm unaware of any specific hosts that accespt e-gold, several hosts will accept additional payment methods that aren't explicitly stated on their site (especially some of the smaller hosts). If you have a host you are interested in, try sending their sales team an e-mail inquiring about paying with egold.


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    sure..., start looking for...

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    I agree with BP. Furthermore you may want to check out the offers section of WHT, and just send some pre-sales questions asking if they accept e-Gold.
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    I have heard no so good things about e-gold and reasons people do not offer this to customers. You may want to look into another payment service.


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    Your best bet would to google ''e-gold web hosting'', you don't see that many e-gold providers around but there are some.

    Goodluck in your search .
    Please PM me if you need any updates or help.

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    Need reliable reseller hosting accept e-gold

    Hi, It would be nice if you mention your basic requirements of reseller package.

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