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    Cpanel panel install time...

    I'm working with a data center that is replacing
    a hard drive, and reinsalling the OS and Cpanel...

    At 6 pm my time, I was told the Cpanel install began.

    It's now 1 am my time. So we're going on 7 hours
    for the Cpanel install alone.

    How could this possibly be? I thought Cpanel install
    was supposed to take 1-2 hours? This is just a typical
    unix server and there is nothing special about the install
    at all.

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    cPanel installs generally are under an hour however they *may* be restoring the data for you?

    Have you asked them for an update?

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    About 1 hour is what I thought as well - they
    haven't yet done any restoration. They are JUST
    NOW getting started on that after an apparent 7
    hour Cpanel install - or so I'm told that's what was
    being done all this time.

    I'm just trying to determine what took so long,
    and whether this data center is not doing a sufficient
    job of support.

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    Unless, cPanel installation has gone for looping (1 in 1000 installations) (like if they are updating their repositories and the lock may have created), this shouldn't happen. If cPanel installation is going on, you can see the progress by logging to the server and issuing the commands,

    tail -f /var/log/cpanel-install-thread0.log /var/log/cpanel-install-thread1.log

    Watch the process for a while and you should be able to see it's progress and whether it is looping or not.

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    I would simply ask them for an explanation stating it should take 1-2 hours normally. They should be able to give you some sort of an honest answer like they forgot about it or something else - if they do not give an honest answer well then perhaps they are not somebody you want to stick with
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