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    dedicated server needed today!

    hi everyone

    i need a dedicated server with the following spec:

    20 gb hd minimum
    350gb bandwidth minimum (any accepted)
    windows 2000 preffered, but again anything accepted!
    control panel included needed either, plesk or cpanel.
    good support on aim or msn
    prefferably takes nochex in the uk or solo card. but can send checks or wire cash.

    what have i missed?

    im looking for one about

    under $120 a month
    with no more than $20 or $50 setup preffer none.

    pm or post with offers please

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    You prefer Windows 2000, but you want Plesk or CPanel? Neither plesk nor cpanel are availible for Windows.

    - James

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    Dedicated server requests go in the web hosting request forum.

    If you post there you will definitely get lots of replies.

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    If you want Plesk or Cpanel you will need a Linux server.

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