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    Should I get this appraised

    Hello all, long time lurker here. The reason I'm asking is because I finally got around to parking this domain over at SEDO, and I've received quite a few emails about it.

    The first email I received said this:


    Please give me your price for the name in the subject line. Your name was listed for sale.

    Domain names is not my main business. I'm going to make money on reselling to raise funds for launching an antiracism portal.

    If you offer more domains for sale with good reselling potential please email us your list.

    Looking forward to do business with you.

    I responded back to him telling him to make an offer and I received this:

    I need to know the lowest price you can accept.

    What is your price range: $5,000 or $10,000 or even higher?

    Please send it to me via email as soon as possible

    Could this be possible? Did I score on this domain? Is it worht it to get it appraised? I thought it was a very brandable domain when I registered it, but had no clue someone would offer me this much, if it's even true to begin with.

    Thanks very much in advance
    John K

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    Did the person who contacted you claim to be "Dr", "Prof" or something similar? Did he ask you to get your domain name appraised at a specific website? If the answer is yes, BEWARE! Many people have recieved similar emails and this is possibly a scam. That person owns those appraisal websites that he mentioned and his intention is to get you to pay for an appraisal so that he can make money.

    If someone requests that you get your domain name appraised, I would suggest you to ask that person to pay for the appraisal (since he is the one who wants to know the fair value) and then reimburse him for the appraisal fees if he really purchases the domain from you.

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    He did not ask me to get an appraisal. I've only received those 2 emails from this person. I'm just wondering if this is legitimate, and if it is I will obviously appraise it so that I can understand it's value better. I'm fully aware of the scam thats been going around thanks to these forums. If I do have it appraised I will use Sedo.

    John K

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    I think you are right to be suspicious and to have asked him to make an offer.
    As for the first sentence

    I need to know the lowest price you can accept.
    LOL! In any potential sale, wouldn't the buyer just love to know this? And this guy expects you to just tell him? LOL!

    What is your price range: $5,000 or $10,000 or even higher?
    Please send it to me via email as soon as possible
    I would email him back and say you will sell the domain for $18,423.69 USD

    Seriously, this guy is just trying to put $$ in your eyes so he can spring the next phase of his scam and get you to fork over some money (like for an appraisal) that you can rationalize as a "reasonable investment" toward a greater return.


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    I'm a firm believer in the saying "If it's too good to be true, it usually is". Just thought I'd ask others so I could always settle the "what if" factor. If he tries to spring the scam, I'm fully prepared for it.

    John K

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    If you pursue this enquiry, he WILL ask for an appraisal, and YES it is a scam. Why wouldn't he just make an offer on the Sedo system instead?
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    The appraisal scam has been running for years now, they inquire, feign interest, then ask for you to appraise it at sedo, afternic or a third choice (much cheaper - also owned by them) and then drop contact with you.
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    To make it short: you should never bother to appraise a domain unless it's a legal requirement like in a court ordered liquidation.
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    nameslave is exactly right. And always use a reputable escrow if it is high value domain.

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    It doesn't look like a normal query for names

    Ask him the amount of funds he's willing to give and tell him also that you use verified domain transfer methods like or

    Let him play the ball
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    Quote Originally Posted by lawndart
    ...and I've received quite a few emails about it.
    Maybe the domain worth something... can you tell us the domain name?
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