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    help me understand why would i need more ram, if my host offers 768mb burst ram.

    Hello everyone , im gonna try be very clear about this , and i hope u guys vps gurus out there help me out

    I currently have a VPS-L with knownhost, what this is about as many of you may know is:

    Min RAM 192MB
    Burst RAM 768MB

    I have no complaints about the service at the moment, ive been 4 months with them and everything is ok.

    The thing is that i use between 60,000 - 75,000 privvmpages , translating that to
    240MB - 300 MB of ram.

    The server is used for web services, including database and mail services.

    I noticed that im always , all the time , running above my min RAM, so why would i need more ram if the 768MB got me covered lets say ?

    Do u guys think that i should definitly get a higher plan or stay like that, let me say that my budget is between 30-40 $ , and the plan is 35$ with the plesk included. Thats one thing why i dont go to a higher plan unless i really need it.

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    That RAM is only going to cover you *if* no one else needs it. If another account on the server is using it (or has it allocated to them), it may or may not always be there when you need it...or at least that's how I understand it to be.
    Guaranteed is just that, you won't ever have less.
    Burstable is *if* it's available you can use it.

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    thanks for your reply bear, after i started the thread i looked at this

    right away noticed i need to get more ram, so i just asked for it

    Thank you again.

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