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    one climber found dead

    one mt hood climber found dead in ice cave,

    still looking for others
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    My condolences to his frinds and family. At the risk of being politically incorrect just what were those morons doing climbing that mountain this time of year?
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    While this is sad, I would hope that people have learned from this mistakes of others so that they themselves will not experience such issues. With Kim and now these guys, perhaps people will take more interest in survival classes.

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    People have been dying on mountains for years, so using the cliche of hoping people will learn from other peoples mistakes is useless, because clearly no one is learning or else climbers wouldn't be dying.

    Onto the post, RIP, I did hope they would find them when I first learned of the news though.
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    Climbers will always die because there is always risk, however people DO learn from others mistakes. Any experienced outdoors men can tell you that.

    If you don't think people haven't started to put more survival gear in their cars after the Kim family issues, then you are mistaken. Learning from others mistakes is what makes society progress.

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    I'm almost for certain on that Kelly James was the one who they found according to the story that he told family members that he was staying in a snow cave. I only hope they find the other two alright, but I have doubts about them being alive.

    RIP all 3.
    Kerry Jones

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