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    Legal to acquire vBulletin from friend if...

    My friend has had vBulletin 3.6 for the past year. He stopped using it after buying Acrosoft's E-friends software for social networking. He doesnt use vBulletin anymore. Once I found out about that I told him if I could use it. He sent me the files/license.

    Would it be legal for me to use this forum software? I was originally planning to use phpBB as my forum software, but my friend mentioned this to me.

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    As long as he is not using it anymore, and it is paid for and not pirated. You should be golden I don't think you will have a problem what-so-ever. On another note, vB is a much more stable forum software with less security holes.

    Also since you will be a forum owner check out very cool board for forum owners.
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    He will need to contact vBulletin to have it transferred over to you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HostFrog
    vB is a much more stable forum software with less security holes.
    If you don't update it has more security holes. One person on my server using 3.5 got his admin control panel hacked.

    If you keep it updated, just like any other software (phpbb) you will be ok.

    Most people that I see get their forums hacked are using VB.

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