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    Needed: 3rd shift support person for tickets.

    I have a position open for a level 1 2 3 support ticket person for nights. I will only accept American based support professionals who wish to get in on a good opportunity. This will be primarily 3 rd shift ticket support although there may be a chance for some day/weekend work as well.

    Pay will be discussed once I have talked to you about your experience. This is more of a monitoring position and does not require a dedicated full time position. These tickets do require 1/2 hour response time though.

    This is an awesome chance to join a growing and dedicated support team.

    You will be a member of a support organization and have a chance to be a founding member.

    PM me for more information. or email me at [email protected]

    Thank you

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    Application for tech support.

    Thank You.
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    It may be helpful to mention the time zone and specific hours this job is for?

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