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    i want to buy dedicated server from this company
    What is your idea about support of ?

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    support is good we have a server from them and from 2 months is stable 0 down time.
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    Leaseweb support is good, they have good onsite engineers who can fix almost any problem.

    Be aware that remote hands and other support are not included when you dont have a SLA. They charge per hour if you dont have a SLA or a cheap SLA, depends on the job

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    They take 5 days to set up a server, other than than, my voip clients are happy.

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    I too have been very happy with LeaseWeb (been with them 11 months).

    However, my server just vanished and I emailed support 35 mins ago. Should someone be there now to investigate? It's a Monday night, but New Years Day.

    If you don't have a SLA, how long do they normally take to check out problems of this nature? The NOC page says there are no network issues, and rebooting the server (using my APC port) has not helped.

    Unfortunately, it's peak trading time right now!

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    Having the same problem now. It's Saturday evening and my server is down. Email to their support went out 5 hours ago. No response so far.
    Otherwise I can't complain. Running my server with them since two years now, without any major problems. You just shouldn't have a problem on weekends.

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    For a company so big, you would think they could afford 24 hours support, especially since they arr placing 25 servers online per day, so they say.

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    excellent support I ve been with them for 1 year and still advicing them to my friends.

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    Yes, as soon as they respond they are usually great. I just hope for you that your server will never go down on a weekend...

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    Their support was great but not so great anymore. I'm glad we use only colocation so we can do our own support. Last month we had a power problem on one of the power feeds and it took them 5 hours to respond during business hours

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    Does anybody know if they answer emails on weekends?

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    Heh, If you have a critical business, that I know you do, forgot about them.

    We faced an issue with server that has been locked, and we sent them an email yeasterday, - Saturday afternoon - and now it is more than 15 hours that they have not even replied a comment on our issue.

    Imagine a server with more than 100 active clients, now is down for more that 15 hours.
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    Same here. 15 hours gone without a response from their support. They simply don't seem to work on weekends even though they claim otherwise in other forums.

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    At time support tooks 2-3 hours to respond to me, and most of time 2-3 days during business days.

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    Support simply doesn't answer outside buisness hours...
    My server disappeared yesterday as well, still waiting for reply

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    Just great , I order a server from them last year in 20 december.
    Still they don't activate my server !
    I think i will ask my money back !
    Please post it If your servers back online and you know the reason why are they offline !

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    Get a sla if you want faster support...

    If you dont have one, support is always next business day!

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    I'm searching for a new server provider now. I hate to be in this situation at any time. Just don't understand it. I hope we never get this big to ignore our clients...

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