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    How to register expired domain?

    Hi how can register an expired domain....the data show that particular domain has expired and contain.....these details., and i m really looking forward to take that.


    Registered through: Domains Priced Right
    Created on: 31-Jul-01
    Expires on: 31-Jul-07
    Last Updated on: 26-May-06

    is there any chance to get that domain.

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    If the current owner doesn't renew the domain will become available sometime after Jul 31, 2007
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    Quote Originally Posted by trau
    If the current owner doesn't renew the domain will become available sometime after Jul 31, 2007
    Oh sorry my applogise i thought it was july 206 opsssssssssssss

    Thanks anyway

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    You can try backordering the domain name that you want. You will have a better chance of getting it than to just keep checking manually.

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    yep...and godaddy does backordering too

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingster21
    and godaddy does backordering too
    And you are advised NOT to use it, because it will catch no domains for you.

    My 2c worth.
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    That's not quite true, Stan

    Scenario #1
    If it's a GoDaddy registered domain you would be the 1st one to bid for it when it becomes available. That's not exactly capturing, per se, but it's the same as the other dropcatchers, Pool and SnapNames. The only difference between GoDaddy and the others being at GoDaddy it's a public auction whereas at Pool and SnapNames it's a private auction for those who have bid on the domain. Which would mean at Pool/SnapNames, if you are the only bidder, you win the domain immediately. Not so at GoDaddy.

    Scenario #2
    If the domain is not regged at GoDaddy and is caught on the drop by taster, and they drop it again after 5 days, GoDaddy has quite a good record of picking up these names. They must have some kind of automated system in place to check this (example the ICANN GD quote in another thread specifically states that they monitor for this kind of activity). I think maybe Pool and SnapNames are too busy with the original drop to follow up on tasted domains they didn't capture initially.
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    I would prefer trying to get the domain at enom pool or snapnames and pay the auction price if you really want the domain.

    If the domain isn't renewed

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    Drop in the next 3 days ... they have a good PR5 (checked with

  10. #10 drop tomorrow. It has a PR6 in my toolbar

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