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Thread: IX Web hosting?

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    IX Web hosting?

    For $5 i get 100gb storage and 1000gb bandwidth. I'm about to purchase it, but is tehre anything better or should I watch out for ?

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    Well the real question comes down to, do you want quality or budget hosting?

    Read some reviews on IX Web Hosting here on WHT using the search tool.

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    7,391 is a very informative site that you should spend few minutes reading articles on, especially

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    I would recommend that you read, you will get a better idea of what overselling and cheap hosting is about

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    Well, IX web hosting doesn't have the best of reputations from the customer posts I've seen.
    OK, you may be lucky with them but I would go elsewhere.
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    I have been using ANHosting for over a year and they are more than may check them out ....

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    As the others have stated that is obviously an oversold plan. For a cheap price it is hard for consumers to find a reliable provider that will give them the support and service that they are excepting when purchasing web hosting. However a visiting a few review sites should show you the difference. Raising your budget just a bit may welcome a whole upgraded level of web hosting, and IMHO it's well worth it.
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