Rack911 WILL be open on Christmas day for emergency work.

Rack911 has been providing premium system administration and security services since 2003. We have developed our own methods of doing many tasks and do not rely on tutorials.

Rack911 prides itself by following a different business model than most other administration companies. You do not pay for any work until the work is complete.

FFMPEG-PHP Installation
Rack911 can correctly install FFMPEG-PHP and its required dependencies. This is control panel independent.

Mplayer + Mencoder
LAME MP3 Encoder
Libogg + Libvorbis

Price: $50 per server
Time required: 1 to 2 hours
Downtime Expected: 5 minutes or less

Spammer Resolution
Got a pesky spammer on your hands that you need to get rid of quickly? We have just the plan for you.

Find root cause of spam attack
Remove any malicious files involved in attack
Harden server to prevent future attacks
Mod_security rules
Php Header patch
Harden smtp daemon
Secure PHP
Price: $75 per incident
Time required: 1 to 10 hours
Downtime Expected: Maximum of 1 hour

Kernel Upgrades

2.4 Branch - $20
2.6 Branch - $25

Server Troubleshooting and General Administration

If we cannot find the problem, or cannot do what you ask, there is absolutely no charge.

Price: $50 per hour (billed in 1 hour increments)

If you are interested in any of our services, or wish to learn more please visit the following links:


Thank you, have a wonderful holiday.