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    Question Two Enom Domain Reseller accounts


    I just want to know, can you have two Enom domain reseller accounts from two "different" resellers or ETP using one e-mail ID?

    Infect, may be there is no point of having two Domain reseller account but lets say, I have one account now and I am also supposed to get one from my host (As a Reseller) and this one have different prices on “some” of the domains & other features. So, just want to know, can I get this one as well??

    Is it against Enom TOS to have two accounts from one email?? (Or even from two different e-mails)

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    I've have 2 eNom accounts with the same email address.
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    I have multiple accounts, same address, no problem. I haven't read their TOS lately, may we worth skimming though if you're really concerned (i only actively use 1)
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    I did email in to ask about such questions early this month and they told me that it was alright that I hold multiple accounts.
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    Thanks a lot.

    It means, I should not be worried now
    Thanks for the replies

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    One more question.

    If you later become ETP yourself, can you keep all the domains under your reseller account to your new ETP account? Does your current ETP need to allow this ?

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    afaik, you cannot move a reseller account from 1 ETP to another. But it is an easy push the domains between reseller accounts. So just create a new sub account and push the domains to the new account.
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