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    Transfer Domain..

    Hi! I am trying to transfer a domain from GoDaddy to Namecheap this would be my second attempt. The first time failed because Namecheap status stated "Canceled - domain contacts did not respond to verification e-mail". I never received a verification e-mail from either registrar except from when I requested the EPP Code from GoDaddy. I am now trying again and it's been 4 days and the status at Namecheap has been at "Auto verification of transfer request initiated" for 4 days now and I still haven't received a verification e-mail yet. I already e-mailed both GoDaddy & Namecheap support no response from both so far and I'm really getting frustrated. The domain is unlocked, I made sure of that and I'm running out of time as it needs to be renewed by 12/30. I think GoDaddy is stalling on purpose, they don't wanna release the domain to try and get me to pay THEM to renew it well we'll see about that. Anyone have this problem transfering from GoDaddy?

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    I answered your reply.

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    Check if the email went into your spam/junk box.
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    Remove the privacy, wait 60 days and restart the transfer. Read the ToS next time...
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