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    PHP wont install on Cpanel VPS


    When I goto the Apache update section in WHM and build apache with php it builds apache fine but does not download or install php, I also get some messages about apache 2.x when I'm trying to build apache 1.3.x. Any help would be greatly appreciated to get php running again.


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    What version of cPanel are you running and what kind of specs does your VPS have as far as CPU, RAM limits etc

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    I upgraded to the latest CURENT build this morning to attempt to fix the problem and as far as I know I get 512MB guranteed ram.

    I managed to get php to install by ticking the reset apache config to default box, but the server still cannot parse php pages, when you visit them it prompts you to download the php source file, which can be quite dangerous as the files may contain mysql_connect strings or other sensitive data.

    The guys at Futurehosting are currently looking into it


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