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    Urgent help needed : "system crashes when loading Grub"

    Hi all,

    I have a Centos dedicated server with a Dutch hosting company. Unfortunately, their technical knowledge seems very limited.

    After having waited for a reboot for two days, I now got this message from them : "When booting, the system crashes when loading Grub". (this is all I have)

    Are there any options for them to recover the server ?



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    Can you ask your provider more detail about whether it is crashed or just hang in the screen with "G R U B" without quotes? If it is just hanging with the G R U B message, chances are your MBR is corrupted I think thus reinstall GRUB in MBR mostly will solve your problem I guess. Alternatively, you can use CentOS CD1 and boot into rescue mode there to do the checking data etc. and even can reinstall GRUB in MBR if needed.
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