We have been claning out our Data Center and are finding all kinds of treasures. In addition, we have a numberf of customer cancels (restore/resells) that are coming available.

There are some P4s with 600 gigs of transfer that we never made available, some dual P IIIs, a few Plesk servers here and there, etc.

First come first served. These will be made available gradually over the next two days.

All orders for these Bargain Basement units must be online signups. In addition .... during periods of high demand, where the last server is involved.... and two or more of you are trying to get it, our signup process sometimes errors out.

If this happens to you, you have my sincere apologies and we will promptly cancel any charges we made to your credit card.

Make sure that your personal details are right the first time as we have implemented more stringent fraud prevention measures that check such things.

Thanks for the continued business.