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    * kmemsize going black in Virtuozzo


    First off I am no vps expert so please be kind if I am way off base sorry.

    I have had kmemsize going into black last few days (never happened before).

    I was monitoring kmemsize today and it went into black zone
    in Virtuozzo, yet it was using only approx 50% of allocation (soft limit).

    Please see screen grab attached:

    Is this normal? I assumed kmemsize would have to hit allocation limit to go black?

    I did however find in Virtuozzo if I click on File manager the proc then page 2 or 3
    it causes kmemsize to go into the black zone... tested this 3+ times.

    I did access user_beancounters via ssh and the failtcnt for kmemsize
    increased with the situation described above.

    No other issues regarding ram on vps from what is listed in Virtuozzo or user_beancounters (no failtcnt for anything expect kmemsize).

    Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
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    Virtuozzo will continue to show a parameter in the black/red for 5 minutes after you exceed your allocation limit. It's not uncommon for kmemsize to spike and quickly drop back down if the rest of the server is under load.

    If kmemsize is consistently your limiting factor, you may want to consider asking for an increase on that.

    And if using the power panel is causing problems, you should definitely talk to your host about it.

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    Please do this at the command line:

    cat proc/user_beancounters

    and post the output. With that..I can tell you if the VPS is setup least.

    Bryon L Harvey
    Soil Relocation Engineer

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