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    Setting up Nameservers for VPS with godaddy

    I think I’m on the right track but just need some confirmation from the experts.

    Hi all this is my situation. I have a number of domain names registered with my registrar register4less. Whenever I have needed to setup a website using a domain hosted with register4less I simply go into a control panel on their site and under a “manage nameserver” option, add in the name servers of the hosting company I want to host the domain with and that is that.

    I recently got a VPS from godaddy. I tried to find out what nameservers I should use and came across this on their host site.


    There are three steps to setting up DNS for Web sites hosted on your virtual dedicated server:
    1. Create a zone file for your domain in Plesk.
    2. Create and register domain hosts for your domain.
    3. Assign the name servers to your domain.

    And then instructions to perform the above steps.

    My first question is am I right in saying that this basically means that I need to setup and host my own name servers?

    My second question is – I’ve read a few posts elsewhere which say that you need to get your registrar to ‘register’ your name server if using your own ones. In the register4less control panel there is an option to “manage nameservers based on”. Clicking on this page displays a form which allows me to “create name server registration” and asks me for an ip address and name server name. Is this where I would register my nameserver?

    Finally, I only have one IP address – is it ok to use this IP address as the IP address for my name servers and websites?


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    Hi there,

    First of all - you can't use 1 IP to register 2 nameservers. Each nameserver must have its own unique IP address.

    You will probably best off contacting your domain registrar support department and see how to register your own nameservers.
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    You can actually have two nameservers on the same IP but the secondary is useless and doesn't really get used unless you can move it off to another physical location to work as a failover.

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    Thanks for the reponses so far. So from what I posted does that sound like I'm on the right path?

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    Anyone else have any input on this? Your help is greatly apprieciated.


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    With your nameserver you basically follow this procedure.

    Go to MS DNS and create a zone file with forward and reverse lookup for your chosen domain nameserver - so you might choose etc

    In DNS put in two A records for ns1 and ns2 - point these at your IP address.

    At the register for this domain name change the nameserver to custom and choose and and assign the IP addresses to these.

    Pretty sure you can do all this via Plesk too.



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    Mark Thanks I will do what you suggested

    I do know that the VPS allows this to be done via Plesk

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    In your VPS Control Panel, click on "Request Additional IP Address twice, that will give you 3 IP's...Then yes, register those nameservers with register4less. The VPS is already configured with Bind, so its ready to go!

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