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    Ipower - [issue]

    I do not know what on earth is going on! When I signed up for an Ipower domain at $6.50 I knew it was a risk, but this is just ridiculous!

    1.) When I first signed up, they gave me an incorrect username to get into my tucows control panel, leaving their ads on my site for days until I sent a "forgot password" request and finally recieved the right one.

    2.) Now everything is set up, I'm getting their ads AGAIN on (what should be) MY PAGE for no reason whatsoever....even though I've been able to access my site via this domain before! What on earth is going on?

    I'm trying to set a business here and IPOWER think it is reasonable to **** around with my domain!

    I know a lot of you here will go "well, you got what you paid for," but at the end of the day if they say that this domain will fly out of the screen at should. I knew it was a risk, but this is just ridiculous!

    If anyone can help, that would be great My domain is

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    I've been down this road with Ipower before, and all I can say is: you get what you pay for. You're better off paying the extra $2 and going with a reputable registrar, such as Go Daddy or Namecheap.

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    It's not ridiculous at all. It's reality.
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    Are you sure you have set up your DNS correctly?
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