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    Simple, Rock-solid w/API billing options - Suggestions please

    Our requirements:
    - Store client/billing contact information
    - Manual one-time and re-occuring package based invoicing
    - Support for Authorize.NET
    - NO control panel support REQUIRED
    - Need API support (to retrieve invoices, submit orders etc from our other systems, i.e. like Modernbill API from V. 5.x)
    - Standard mechanisms for email alerts to customers

    We run external systems and only need a solution that handles billing. Provisioning and all other items are handled by our apps/systems.

    So far we have been using MB 4.x.

    We have been testing MB 5.x and have serious issues with all kinds of shattering bugs till this day. We are growing tired of spending a few hours to setup a testbed for each new version....

    We have been tempted to "roll our own" solution since our requirements are modest. However, still feel that a billing company would be able to focus on all the details of billing/accounting.

    Given the requirements above, which packages would you recommend? Price is not an issue. A stable company, with a stable billing app is key.

    Many thanks.

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    We have MB 5.x in production for our local clients and haven't had any show stopping problems.

    Have you tried contacting ModernBill?

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