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    IXWebhosting Alternative

    I found an awesome deal at IXWebhosting.

    They will allow 16 domains each with it's own dedicated ip for $13. That about $0.82 per domain. That is the best deal I seen on the internet except they don't support ASP.NET 2.0, they only support 1.1. They told me they are in the process of upgrading and dont have a completion date. I can't wait that long so can someone tell me where I can find a similar hosting deal that support ASP.NET 2.0/Multiple Domains and Free IP's? Thanks

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    You realize 16 domains doesn't mean it comes with 16 actual domain names. It's the number of domains you are allowed to "add/host".
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    I've seen alot of bad & negative reviews and comments to do with uxwebhost

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    Quote Originally Posted by sTag-Dan
    You realize 16 domains doesn't mean it comes with 16 actual domain names. It's the number of domains you are allowed to "add/host".
    Yes, I realize that.

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    Dedicated IPs cost about $1/mo with most hosts -- find a host that supports ASP.NET 2.0 and request a dedicated IP for yourself. You'll definately be able to find more domains for this price.

    Good luck with your search.

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    If you want a reliable hosting provider, I would suggest increasing your budget. Also, there is no such thing as "Unlimited Space".

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    I don't want unlimited space or unlimited bandwidth or free domains. I already have the domains. I need 2.0, should allow my application to connect to internet directly (not through a proxy), min 2gb bandwidth and 1mb space for each domain. Cheap dedicated ip's without justification a plus. I also don't want to pay more than $2.00 a domain.

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    There are plenty of hosts that offer you unlimited domains at a decent price; within the b/w limits of the account of course.

    I personally wouldn't go with IX, since I see they have a really poor customer satisfaction record.
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    Who do you recommend?

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    I know someone on IX and they are constantly having problems with SQL and the server being really slow to respond. HTML pages load up fairly quickly but it seems that any page that requires even the smallest SQL usage grinds to a halt. IX seem to badly oversell the server space and at peak times it really is slow. Plus they don't use cpanel so I can't do a nice simple transfer for him!

    I even tried pinging his site earlier and it just gave up and timed out as did FF although it eventually loaded in IE after I had made a cup of tea, took the dog for a walk, run the marathan - well slightly over the top but you get the picture

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