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    [HELP] assigning new name server

    anybody know how to assign new name server in godaddy, one of my client want to assign his name server, and dont know how to do. I try to help but i also cant find "total DNS center " in the godaddy with his new layout.

    Anybody know where is godaddy link to set up new name server?

    thanks for help

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    Just had to do this with Godaddy the other day.

    Click on the domain in question to manage.

    At the top center you will see a place to point your domain to new nameservers (this isn't the spot you want)

    If you scroll down to the very bottom-right hand corner there is a place to register nameservers.
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    thanks , i just realize that it need to parked into parkdomain first, before adding new NS

    your reply really help me

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