ChooChooCheater Lite is an advanced, updated version of my old "Stowaway" myspace friend train auto joiner program. It adds to more trains, faster, more securely.

CHx3 Lite (Choo Choo Cheater Lite) submits your Myspace FriendID to 50 of the most popular Myspace Friend Train / Whore Train websites over and over again, ensuring that you get on EVERY round, most often in the top 2-5 slots on each! I run it for around 2-3 hours a day and it pretty much guarantees me at least 100 friend requests a day! For just running a simple application in the background!



Feel free to share the LITE version download link with any of your friends!

I also offer a paid version of this script, that has no ads and is updated a whole lot more, if you're interested in that, visit my message board:


Any feedback is appreciated!