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    Domain transfer help

    I brought a a domain name 1996 then at 2005 I transfer the domain the yahoo for 5 years. I then transfer it to godaddy at late 2005 and forgot I had it on yahoo. So now my godaddy is about to expire in 5 days. I want to transfer it back to yahoo since I have a 5 year contract with them for a domain name. I want to make sure I did every correct.

    I login godaddy, clicked on my account, Manage Domains, click on the domain name I want to transfer, then I unlock it the domain, then click on Name Servers and change it to YNS1.YAHOO.COM and YNS2.YAHOO.COM, and click ok then it says will be changed in 24-48 hours.

    Is this the correct way to do it for yahoo. Becuase when checking yahoo it still say pending.

    Also I want to transfer from godaddy to ipower another website. I follow these steps are these steps good and if so is there anything missing I have to know. I have waited 4 days already.

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    Yahoo don't accept domain transfers in, afaik. If you referring to web hosting rather than domain registration, I have no experience, but pointing your dns to yahoo's nameservers should work. However you should check with Yahoo for the correct proceedure. You only need to unlock the domain if you are going to do a domain transfer. Since you cannot transfer to Yahoo, you would be advised to lock your domain again.

    Why do you want to transfer you domains to crap registrars/resellers like yahoo and ipower?
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    I used to have my domain names "registered" through Yahoo. I did so when I signed up web hosting with Yahoo. That was a big mistake. Yahoo is a reseller for an Australian company - good luck with any tech support!

    If your domain names are now with GoDaddy, you are in good hands. Stay with GoDaddy and by all means, DO NOT transfer it back to Yahoo.
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    I must second Stu in this. Yahoo does NOT accept transferring in. AND - if even they would, you are advised AGAINST this.
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    Yes, and the main point... whether you want to transfer your domain name or web hosting? What is about to expire within next 4 days? Domain or web hosting? You are not responding to any of the above queries but I hope you are taking care of their suggestions.

    Changing name servers will only move your web hosting to yahoo and not the domain name.
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